Informational Article: What is Consent?

Consent is an agreement to do something. Consent is imperative in life and if it is not present in a sexual situation then it is sexual assault.

What Consent Is:

  1. Informed: Every one must know what they are getting into.
  2. Free: No one can be under any duress or manipulation.
  3. Enthusiastic: Everyone must want to be doing it.
  4. Ongoing: Consent can be revoked at any point.

Situations where consent is not possible :

  1. Children, can not consent to sexual things ever.
  2. Consent in an abusive relationship is not possible
  3. Consent to sexual acts cannot happen between family members 

What Consent is Not:

  1. The lack of a no. If there is not a yes, then it is not consent
  2. Dressing or acting in a sexual manner
  3. If anyone is too afraid or uncomfortable to say no then it is not consent
  4. If any party is too intoxicated to understand or say no
  5. Having said “yes” to a previous sexual encounter

How to Practice Good Consent:

  1. Talk about what you and your partner(s) are comfortable doing before you have sex.
  2. Continuously ask your partner(s) if they are okay with what you are currently doing.
  3. Freely expressing what you do and do not want
  4. Respect of your partner(s) in all ways

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