Welcome To The Survivors Healing Survivors Community

We are aiming to create a community where survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, abbreviated often as CSA can support others who have experienced the same abuse. We support all survivors of childhood sexual abuse of all genders, sexualities, races, religions, disability status and ethnicities. Abuse and trauma no boundaries, and neither does our support and love.

We Also work to support those who have experinced less common forms of CSA like Child On Child Sexul Abuse (COCSA) and online abuse.

This blog will share informational posts on mental health experinces common to abuse survivours, coping skills we have learn about and exerinced and information on seeking profesional help when people might need it.

We will also share stories (our own and others) here and write some more opinion based articles here.

This community started on Tumblr on a confessions based function but many people seeking information and advice. My own personal history of being apart of support groups, the mental health system and previous work with other groups allowed me to feel i could work with helping them.

Our motto “Educating & Supporting Via Love” states or main goal, educating and supporting. I believe these are the two things survivors most often lack from other people. In my history, i lacked any information on what was happening to me. What abuse was, what trauma was and what resources were out there. I found this was common with others.

Support was also lacking. Society raley even mentions this trauma. And never talks about it in a realistic, honest and healing way. This often extends to families and communities, mine included. Words like abuse and rape are often unspoken words. To offer this to others is crucial in them being able to start healing.

And love is how we believe this is done. Love and compassion are the only ways anyone can really help others, and it so sorely lacking. And showing people love is the only way they can every love themselves.

We are so proud to be able to expand our work.

-Admin 1

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