Media: Podcasts on Healing from Abuse and Trauma

The Place We Find Ourselves covers healing from developmental trauma with focous on child sexual abuse. Grounded in story healing, attachment theory and developmental trauma. Told from the perspective of the Christian faith tradition. I believe you can gain a lot in the science and stories of strength no matter your faith tradition or lack thereof.
Love and Abuse covers topics about how emotional abuse works and ways we can learn to heal and protect ourselves from Future emotional abuse and harm. Is mainly framed around intimate partner relationships, but is applicable to most relationships.
Therapy Chat talks about therapeutic practices and general mental health healing. Covers topics about abuse, attachment theory, familial relationships, other forms of healing and healthy relationships. Is pointed at practitioners but is not full or jargon and done is way that it is useful for patients.
Kissed With Abuse is a fairly new podcast that talks about experiences with emotional/psychological abuse, how it works and the long term effects. Centred on romantic relationships but is applicable across the board.
The Trauma Therapist| Podcast covers topics about different approaches to healing from trauma, the science of recovery and theories of trauma. Generally focused on practitioners. This podcast will be difficult to understand if you don’t have a baseline understanding of trauma theories, psychology, and therapy styles. We ourselves while not professionals have found this useful in our volunteer and personal healing.

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