Informational Article: Factors In Traumatization, Presentation of Trauma Symptoms, and Development of Mental Illness

This line of thinking can become a bit of a suffering contest putting some conditions, often DID/OSDD as the most traumatized with the only real trauma and the person who might not be suffering from a severe mental health condition didn’t go through anything, that isn’t true either. There is no gold star way to experience trauma and making a hierarchy of suffering helps no one.When looking at experiences of trauma survivors, understanding the way kids develop mental health conditions, and how we can best support healing for kids we need a larger view of all of this. 

Informational Article: What is Consent?

Consent is an agreement to do something. Consent is imperative in life and if it is not present in a sexual situation then it is sexual assault. What Consent Is: Informed: Every one must know what they are getting into.Free: No one can be under any duress or manipulation.Enthusiastic: Everyone must want to be doing it.Ongoing: Consent … Continue reading Informational Article: What is Consent?