Reparenting is a therapeutic method as well as a general healing technique. It’s useful when parents fail to help children form healthy self-concepts, self-monitor and regulate and have autonomy. Domains of reparenting. Accountability: You take responsibility for your actions. You apologize and/or make amends when you’ve harmed another. But done with positive and self-respect and without … Continue reading Reparenting

Symptom Explainer: Dissociation

Defining Dissociation General Dissociation: Dissociation refers to the natural mechanism our brain has to disconnect us from our surroundings and ourselves. This is sometimes as a benign reaction but severe dissociation is associated with trauma and other mental illnesses. Every Person has the capacity for dissociation and many experiences some degree of the skill like … Continue reading Symptom Explainer: Dissociation

A sepia-toned image of a mother holding her baby. Their foreheads are touching and they both smile. Two lines of red outlined black text overlay it. Topline reads: "attachment theory" second line reads: "the ties that form us"

Informational Article: Attachment Theory (Pt 2)

Understanding attachment can help people understand why they are dealing with what they are and to make sense of specific experiences with our caregivers and abusers (for many of us these are the same person) Attachment theory can help people know what is making relationships so hard and begin to address what it is and form better relationships going forward. Knowing it's a piece of other mental health struggles can also help be a piece in recovering from DID, BPD, or C-PTSD. It gives us words to explain our struggles and find others dealing with similar.

Question: Does having intrusive thoughts about children make me an abuser?

Intrusive thoughts are not things we actually want to do. If you do not actively want to sexually act on children and don’t experience sexual attraction to children. Intrusive thoughts are a mental health issue that are upsetting, other thoughts like murder, driving the car off the road, or other forms of sexual violence happen … Continue reading Question: Does having intrusive thoughts about children make me an abuser?