Informational Article: Hyperarousal & Hypoarousal

Hyper and hypoarousal are the two dysregulated states of the autonomic nervous system. These states are connected to the Fight-Flight-Freeze-Fawn/Fold response. "Fight & Flight" are states of hyperarousal, "Freeze" is a split response and "Fawn/Fold" is a state of hypoarousal. Arousal refers to the level of stress and type of activity our central nervous system … Continue reading Informational Article: Hyperarousal & Hypoarousal

Informational Article: Fight, Flight, Freeze & Fawn

We’ve all heard of the “Fight or Flight Response”. When looking at the physiology this is the sympathetic nervous system response. The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system, the involuntary functions of the nervous system. It is the way our bodies handle input that we read as fighting and/or a threat.