This a community where survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, abbreviated as CSA support others who have experienced the same abuse. We support all survivors of childhood sexual abuse of all sexualities, races, religions, disability and ethnicities. Abuse and trauma know no boundaries, and neither does our support and love.

We Also work to support those who have experienced less common forms of CSA like Child On Child Sexul Abuse (COCSA), sex trafficking, and online abuse.

This blog will share informational posts on mental health, coping skills, resources, and information on seeking help when people might need it. Supporting others through emotional support is key to our work.

We will also share stories (our own and others) here and write some more opinion based posts on cultural topics surrounding sexual violence. You can always email us with your own stories you wish to share.

Our motto “Educating & Supporting Via Love” states or main goal, educating and supporting. I believe these are the two things survivors most often lack from other people.