Symptom Explainers: Flashbacks

What are Flashbacks? Flashbacks are a psychological phenomena during which a person relives a past event or fragments of a past experience. They generally occur involuntarily, abruptly entering a person’s minds without the aid of premeditation or conscious attempts to recall the memory. They can be extremely intense. As flashbacks involve past events, they may … Continue reading Symptom Explainers: Flashbacks

Symptom Explainers: Body Memories

Also called Somatic Flashbacks Body memories are a kind of flashback specifically of somatic symptoms. It’s a flashback that instead of visual or auditory memories of traumatic events being relived it's the sensations and sensory inputs of your other 3 senses (touch/smell/taste). Flashbacks are usually triggered by reminders of the abuse. These can be mundane … Continue reading Symptom Explainers: Body Memories

Symptoms Explainer: What is Hypersexuality?

Hypersexuality is defined as preoccupations with and impulsive acts around sex. To be hypersexuality it must cause discomfort or dysfunction for the person experiencing it. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as sex addiction. Hypersexuality is experienced by those who experience episodes of mania, personality disorders, OCD, and (C)-PTSD. Sexual abuse and other sexual trauma are often … Continue reading Symptoms Explainer: What is Hypersexuality?