Question: How do you Stop Mourning a Lost Childhood?

You don’t, not really. In complete honesty, the reason your grieving is because you have too.

What is going to help you get over the pain is to let yourself feel sad, angry, scared, hurt,lost, depressed and so confused. It hurts like hell but healing is never pretty.

It’s good to think about someone who lost a loved one or just broke up with someone. You wouldn’t tell them they have to just get over it, it’s a very same situation you did loose something and it’s okay to feel it.

When you stop fighting the emotions and let them happen you will find it actually allows you to move forward. The emotions will come and change over time. When you keep trying to stop the feelings and push them down it makes you stuck and stops the healing moving forward.

Another thing that can help is letting yourself do some things you can still do. Watch fun kids movies, buy stuffed animals, get ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. There are always ways to reclaim small parts of your childhood that do make it easier to move on by giving some good memories associated with “kids” things. Forming good memories always helps.

Making plans, even small plans for the future also helps. Knowing you have things to be excited for can help move past things that hurt in the past. It can help life feel like it is moving forward.

Trying to stop yourself from greving will also prevent the integration of trauma. Allowing trauma and all the pain of it to be part of you is important because it’s not this block or painful section of you but just part of who you are. You have to talk about your trauma and understand it and bad emotions are going to be part of it.

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